A note from the Librarian…

"MakerSpaces usually have a technology piece when you look them up online, but our MakerSpace is more arts and crafts since we find so few of our students have ever used paints or even scissors!  We started with some pretty basic drawing and painting activities and card making with stamps, stickers and markers. 

Now that we have a grant, we are moving into some jewelry including beaded bracelets and necklaces as well as woven designs.  One style is from Japan and is called kumihimo or gathering or combining cords or threads.  This technique uses a loom and patterns to follow to make different designs like spirals or stripes. 

Thanks for supporting our artistic endeavors at Wilson!! 

These photos show painting and drawing activities. Students can come during lunch through the back door to our library where our secretary, Dedra Town, keeps track of who is attending and sets up simple projects for them to do each day.  We started out with basic card making with markers, stamps, die cuts and stickers, then moved to crayon/watercolor wax resist techniques, and some basic coloring sheets for the Day of the Dead holiday.  We are going to be moving into making jewelry with thread, yarn and beads, so we will get more photos as those events happen. "

We are excited to support Garfield Elementary with their Art-Integration Curriculum.


Over the past six years Garfield Elementary has developed and implemented an Arts-integrated Curriculum. Additionally, for six consecutive years they have produced an all-school Spring musical (K-5) that has had a powerful impact upon the hearts and lives of the Garfield families. These annual series of performances bring education to life for the students. To prepare for them, the kids pull together what they have learned in geography, math, science, language acquisition, reading, writing, music and the arts to create their grade-appropriate performances. Art-integration also helps the students take ownership of their learning while showing commitment to a longer project and learning about stamina and endurance. This project creates rigor and relevance to their daily studies while creating lasting relationships through their collective work on the yearlong project. This year, Garfield staff and 545 students will come together to perform Shrek the Musical in March 2018.

Your donations help support learning for students at every grade level. Thank you! 

The Mushroom Challenge

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Total Grants Awarded 2016-2017 School Year - $38,493.77


The generous gifts and event proceeds we have received over the past few years have enabled the Yakima Schools Foundation to fund many programs, materials, and classroom supplies that promote learning. We fund leadership opportunities, music training, the arts, sports, field trips and participation in activities not covered by taxpayer funds 

Many of the grants we fund are done so in a financial partnership with other funding sources including additional grants, community funding, and PTA or ASB (student) fundraisers. Many of our grants are awarded by combining payroll deduction funds from district employees along with yearly interest earnings from our endowments. 

Thanks to you, our generous, committed community, we have been able to provide opportunities for today’s students to learn, grow and join the ranks of so many who are now in a position to give back and support the next generation. We never take for granted the importance of this circle of life in the importance of building and supporting a healthy, thriving, learning community. 

Yakima School District Employees

Apply for a grant


Applications must be submitted from a computer on the YSD network.

YSD Website


YSD Central


Must be on YSD network to access.

Yakima Schools Foundation Grant Guidelines

Our focus is to fund YSD approved programs that directly impact students and enhance their education

YSF grant funds should supplement not supplant programs funded with additional grants, community funding, PTA or ASB fundraisers, and YSD funds.

Grant Proposal Applications will be accepted September 1 through close of business April 10. To allow for adequate review and approval we ask that grants be submitted at least two months prior the project/funding deadline. 

During the school year the YSF Grant Allocations Committee meets the end of each month to review requests. Funding recommendations are then submitted to the Board of Directors for review and approval. Grant applications must be received by the 1st of the month to be considered that month. 

Grant applicants will be notified in writing upon approval by the YSF Board of Directors. 

Each application must be approved by the building Principal and by the corresponding department director. 

Each approved grantee must submit an impact statement. Failure to submit an impact statement three months after the event or use of funds will impact further funding eligibility.

Areas of Funding

Our goal is to help our community by providing funds for better education. Make sure to elaborate on how your request will better the education environment, provide better education opportunities, or allow students to expand on the current curriculum.

  • Field Trips - We are able to fund field trips approved by the Yakima School District per their written policies and after District approval. 
  • Curriculum Enhancement - Expand the ability of the students to comprehend the material. 
  • Technology - MUST BE APPROVED BY DISTRICT FIRST - Allowing new educational experiences. 
  • Arts and Performing Arts
  • Assemblies
  • Leadership
  • Literacy

What we do not fund

  • Salaries - including bus drivers and substitute teachers. 
  • Requests that do not directly impact the students will not be considered. 
  • Continuing Education for the Instructor (workshops, retreats, in-service training, etc.) 
  • Programs or technologies that are not supported by the Yakima School District will not be considered and stopped at the District Level before it reaches the Foundation. 

Questions about a grant? Email us!

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